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Our first priority: Reliability 
Air Alliance Medflight has a team of experts on standby to help you in case of emergency: using aircraft with excellent medical equipment we transfer patients quickly and reliably to the desired hospital – and all this with the best possible medical care. From the moment of collecting the patient anywhere in the world until the handover at the destination hospital, highly qualified teams provide patients with seamless medical care from “bed to bed”. Whether dealing with accident victims who require monitoring or critically ill intensive care patients, even the most complex transport requirements can be safely met.

The basis of our medical technology: Modular Equipment Kits
The equipment, provided in modular systems, can be flexibly extended and adapted – and if needed be installed within shortest amount of time. The system ensures seamless intensive care monitoring and therapy, even over extremely large distances. Equipment is used which is standard in ground-based professional critical care transfer. This ranges from defibrillators and high-quality ventilators to transport incubators for the smallest of air passengers. If necessary, new equipment can be added.
Whether 500 or 5,000 nautical miles: We will collect you from any location

Regardless of whether it’s a flight for maximum therapy or simply an onward or return flight, our goal is to provide optimal medical care. Air Alliance can provide you with direct flights from one hospital to another as well as individual stretches of an overall journey, alternating with rescue vehicles or “wing to wing” with airliners.

The full service from Air Alliance even extends to the choice of individual route: We collect patients from abroad, take them to the desired hospital for treatment, and then bring them back again. Professional work processes, competent aircraft mechanics, and a certified aircraft maintenance shop: this is the success formula for the excellently maintained aircraft of Air Alliance.

With our company’s own in-house maintenance team we carry out regular maintenance of the aircraft, thus ensuring that Air Alliance Medflight operates under absolutely reliable and safe conditions. Our fleet of ambulance aircraft includes various business jets and turboprop aircraft, which are deployed depending on the medical requirements and the local airport infrastructure. And no matter which aircraft in our fleet is used: the medical equipment is the same.


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