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Air Alliance charter flights: a private flight, just for you

Charter flights with Air Alliance are the perfect express alternative for your on-demand flight requirements. Whether private or professional, we operate key routes in Europe exclusively for you that you or your employees may require, or to ensure a smooth supply of materials. The advantages are clear: comfort and more time. You travel independently of other scheduled flights and can use the time that you gain on more important things. As a certified aviation company, we offer you this special service exclusively with our experienced pilots.


Allow us to fly you – and to provide you with the best of care: with the highest level of comfort and extra time.


  • Configuration: up to 1 stretcher (max. 1 ICU)
  • Cruise Speed: 450 kts/ 830 km/h
  • Cruising Altitude: 45.900 ft/ 14.000 m
  • Range: 1.631 nm/ 3.020 km
Learjet 35A
  • Configuration: 1 stretcher (max. 1 ICU)
  • Cruise Speed: 460 kts/ 860 km/h
  • Cruising Altitude: 45.900 ft/ 14.000 m
  • Range: 2.540 nm/ 4.700 km
  • Configuration: 8 pax or up to 2 stretchers (max. 1 ICU)
  • Cruise Speed: 460 kts / 860 km/h
  • Cruising Altitude: 43.000 ft (13.106 m)
  • Range: 2.050 nm / 3.800 km
  • Configuration: 10 pax or up to 3 stretchers (max. 2 ICU)
  • Cruise Speed: 470 kts / 870 km/h
  • Cruising Altitude: 41.000 ft/ 12.500 m
  • Range: 3.700 nm / 6.850 km

Our strengths – your leading edge


We have been operating in the avionics and aviation sector since 1993. Our expertise is based on a non-reproducible wealth of experience.

A comprehensive portfolio

Consider us to be a partner for all your concerns. We can offer you a comprehensive range of products and services.

Certified quality

Safety and attention to detail are our top priorities. Our maintenance organisation is certified according to EASA Part 145 of the European Aviation Authority.

Retrofitting requests

As a Design Organisation certified according to EASA Part 21, we can carry out conversion requests and design modifications to your aircraft and take care of the official approval.

International network

Our business network is positioned ideally for the implementation of your needs and requirements.


One of the most important success factors for satisfied customers is our enthusiasm for our profession. It motivates us to be a step ahead at all times.

Contact us

We look forward to hearing from you. Call us or send us an email. A contact person from the relevant specialist department will get in touch with you.


As a professional logistics company, Air Alliance is able to ship small import or export consignments for you, such as medical equipment, laboratory samples or technical devices. We are also licensed for the transportation of dangerous goods. We organise the complete transport for you, from door to door – and also take care of the customs formalities.


The human need for safety is considered our top priority; it is ensured through the technically competent and careful maintenance in our EASA Part 145 certified maintenance facility, and offers you every safety-related service from one single source: the mechanics, electronics, engine, propeller, avionics, interior design and paint. We don’t just carry out the inspection and maintenance of our own fleet according to the highest of safety standards; customers throughout Europe also place their trust in our expertise. In addition to this, every Air Alliance Express flight is operated by two experienced and highly trained professional pilots. Our jet-engine business aircraft are equipped with pressurised cabins and certified de-icing systems.

Flight Crews

Every Pilot-in-Command and First Officer at Air Alliance has several thousand hours of flying experience. All complete the statutory medical check-ups and flight training. With annual deployments in some 100 countries all over the world, our pilots are familiar with every challenge, whether it is the weather conditions or the conditions at the differing airports, the world over. The pilots at Air Alliance also have experience in remote areas and with demanding patient transportation services.

Risk Assessment

It is necessary for the risk management for medical flights and international patient repatriations to be assessed and documented as accurately as possible. For this purpose, we work with the internationally-acknowledged cloud software solution IQSMS. This software supports all parties in the entire process chain in terms of the reporting, compliance and risk management, and allows for the evaluation of airports and the monitoring and analysis of the flight data.



Ensuring the safety of our patients and crews is the most important part of our work. We therefore follow a structured risk assessment process at all times.


Our Safety Management System is a key component in the identification of hazards and risks and reducing them to an acceptable level.


When making decisions in critical situations, we proceed according to the FORDEC system (“Facts, Options, Risks, Decision, Execution, Check”). This method, which was developed by NASA, can also be applied safely in stressful situations.


On the systems side, all issues surrounding safety, risk and quality management for aviation and medicine are managed centrally using our cloud-based IQSMS electronic system, which also fulfils all the standards of the GDPR.

Careers at Air Alliance

Working at Air Alliance means growing with new challenges. As an individual and as a team. Whether it is on the ground or in the air – with us, you can put your strengths to good use.


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