The World's Leading STOL

The World's Leading STOL

Pilatus Porter PC-6

The PC-6 has become a legendary aircraft, known around the world simply as “The Pilatus Porter”. Its unique Short Take-Off and Landing (STOL) capabilities, reliability and versatility in all weather and terrain conditions have established the reputation of the PC-6 as a rugged utility aircraft. The Pilatus Porter PC-6 is fully capable of operating from different types of unprepared, rough and short airstrips, in remote areas, at high altitudes and in all climates. A simple but solid construction, proven systems and features, combined with precision Swiss workmanship result in the highest reliability and lowest maintenance possible. No matter whether high and hot or low and snow - anywhere, anytime you can rely on the Porter as a high quality, life-long investment.

​Performance & Specs Unbeaten STOL Capabilities The PC-6 (B2-H4) has the following performance under international standard atmospheric (ISA) conditions:


 Take-off distance over 50 ft (15 m) obstacle (STOL)

1,444 ft

440 m 

 Landing distance over 50 ft (15 m) obstacle (STOL)

1,033 ft

315 m 

 Rate of climb (MTOW)

1,010 ft/min

5.13 m/sec 

 Max. cruise speed

125 KTAS

232 km/h 

 Max. range at 10,000 ft
  - with underwing tanks

500 nm
870 nm

926 km 
1611 km 

 Max. operating altitude

25,000 ft

7620 m 

 Stall speed
  - flaps up (Vs)
  - full flaps set (VSO)

58 KEAS kt
52 KEAS kt

107 km/h 
96 km/h 


 Basic empty weight*

approx 2,756 - 3,086 lb

1,250 - 1,400 kg 

 Max. take-off weight

6,173 lb

 2,800 kg 

 Max. landing weight

5,863 lb

 2,660 kg 

 Max. payload*

up to approx. 2,646 lb

1,200 kg 

 Payload with max. fuel*

up to approx. 2,381 lb

1,080 kg 

*depending on configuration and fuel



Dimension & Geometry

 Wing span

52.07 ft 

15.87 m 

 Wing area

324.54 ft2

 30.15 m2

 Overall length

35.76 ft 

10.90 m 


10.50 ft 

3.20 m 


9.84 ft 

3.00 m