Ergonomically designed and fun to fly.

Safe. Reliable. Forgiving.

Imagine taking the ultimate 2 seat sports car and adding wings. That is the feeling you get when you take off to the skies in the DA20i, whether travelling or training. The advanced composite design and the modern cockpit of the DA20i make it an exciting airplane to fly. Its agility and superb performance guarantee a smile on your face.


Power Plant


Bombardier Rotax 912 iS3c Sport with 100 HP

Propeller MT propeller MTV-21-A/175-05, 2-blade constant speed Propeller
Fuel grades Avgas 100LL, Mogas, Super EN 228

Performance/Consumption (max. mass)

Max. cruise speed at 75% (8500 ft) 234 km/h TAS 126 kts TAS
Cruise speed at 55% (13,000 ft) 216 km/h TAS 117 kts TAS
Stall speed, landing configuration 83 km/h CAS 45 kts CAS
Rate of climb (ISA SL) 4.2 m/s 827 ft/min
Range at 55% (2,000ft) 1350 km 729 nm
Consumption at 55% (2,000ft) 12.1 lt/hr 3.2 US gal/hr
Take-off ground roll (ISA SL) 288 m 944 ft
Landing ground roll (ISA SL) 274 m 898 ft
Max. operating altitude 4,000 m 13,123 ft
Max. demonstrated crosswind 27 km/h 15 kts


Seats 2 2
Empty weight  500 kg 1.102 lbs
MTOM 800 kg 1.764 lbs
Payload  300 kg 662 lbs
Fuel capacity  91 lt  24 US gal 

Specifications apply to standard equipped aircraft, if not otherwise stated. The above data are approximately specifications and may change without notice.