Mod. Kit Dual Rockwell Collins AHS-1000

Mod. Kit Dual Rockwell Collins AHS-1000

The EASA and FAA have awarded multiple supplemental type certificates (STCs) to Air Alliance for a comprehensive avionics modification package for the Learjet 35, 35A.
One of them is Mod. Kit Installation of dual Rockwell Collins AHS-1000.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Simplifies retrofit
  • High reliability
  • Reduces operating costs
  • Reduced setup time
The Attitude Heading Reference System Modification Kit is designed and manufactured that it can be easily installed worldwide by any maintenance organization (Part-145).

The Mod. Kit consists of:
  • STC
  • AHC-1000S
  • ECU-3000
  • AA-Harness
  • AA-Switch Bracket
  • AA-Main Bracket
  • Installation Instruction
  • Release Certificate

The availability of the dual Rockwell Collins AHS-1000 Mod. Kit was announced today by Air Alliance GmbH, manufacturer of innovative avionics solutions.

Price on request: 

The Learjet 35 is the first Learjet to receive EASA approval for installation of the Rockwell Collins AHS-1000 Attitude Heading Reference System (AHRS). Air Alliance is also a competent Learjet service provider, and the modifications can be done at its location.

​Rockwell Collins AHS-1000 was designed to replace previous-generation analog and iron gyro systems. It requires no air data sensor input, eliminates costly aircraft re-wiring and offers operators a cost-effective upgrade solution from traditional iron gyros and AHRS technology. In addition, the AHS-1000 is smaller and lighter, and offers increased performance and reduced maintenance costs.
By using digital quartz Micro-electro-mechanical Systems (MEMS) sensors in place of conventional spinning wheel gyros, the AHS-1000 delivers significantly greater reliability than traditional gyros and attitude and heading technology. It will also withstand extreme environments involving high roll rates and vibration.

The primary function of the system is to provide measurements of the aircraft pitch, roll and heading Euler angles for use by the flight deck displays, flight control system, flight management system and other avionics equipment. In addition, it provides high quality body rate and linear acceleration outputs for enhanced flight control system performance.

EASA STC 10051962: Installation of dual Rockwell Collins AHS-1000
FAA STC  ST03843NY: Installation of dual Rockwell Collins AHS-1000