Xwind the Crosswind Trainer
Cleared to Land

​Believe it or not, the most common contributing factor in weather related accidents each year is crosswinds. The second most common factor is wind gusts. In fact crosswinds and wind gusts cause more accidents than fog, thunderstorms and icing combined! The question is...why?

 Like most things  in aviation, crosswinds landings require constant practice to truly master. The problem is that many pilots receive limited practice, if any at all.

 That´s where the Redbird Xwind comes in. The Xwind is the only training  device dedicated to teaching visual approach and landing on the market. By providing motion cues in drift, yaw and roll, pilots learn how crabs, side slips and front slips feel. No other platform provides students the oppertunity to perfect the stick and rudder skills needed in normal and cross wind landings.

The Xwind is a cost effective and efficient way to introduce, perfect  and maintain landing skills. Simply select the wind conditions and start the landing sequence. The responds just like the airplane and gives you constant updates on your performance. After landing, the xwind will grade you based on alignment and distance from the centerline of the runway. This exclusive grading system makes the Xwind an excellent training device for any pilot looking to hone their skills with or without an instructor. 

Crosswind Landing Tips

  • Point your nose with your toes
  • Bank to keep your eyes over the centerline
  • If 1 or 2 fails ... go around
  • Never bank downwind!
  • Approach steeper
  • Get close to the ground and stay there
  • Do not land fast
  • Fly on the upwind wheel
  • If skidding downwind, go back to flight
  • ​Use agressive rudder and easy aileron