Expect More of Us
Our Standards are High – and so is Our Performance!

Flying is our passion. This fascination is what makes the difference for us. And you will be able to feel that difference in our commitment. That’s a difference that pays for you in terms of outstanding performance. That’s a difference you can expect from us.

How You Benefit: from Our Experience
Air Alliance GmbH has been founded in 1993. Since then, we have developed from a small hangar operation to emerge as a state-of-the-art general and business aviation service provider. Today, we occupy outstanding positions on our markets with our operational segments of aircraft maintenance and sales, air operation and flight school.

How You Benefit: from Our Quality
We set the pace not only in terms of our product quality. We also show the others what service is all about. That’s no accident – it comes from our sense of responsibility that carries our work aloft. How You Benefit: from Our Expertise For aviators, proximity is a relative concept – but being close to our customers is still important to us. For us, that means extensive expertise and our capability to empathize with our customers’ projects.

How You Benefit: Our Extensive Portfolio
​Air Alliance features a major portfolio of one-stop shopping for all its services: regular servicing, planning and designing interiors, avionic re-engineering as well as purchasing and selling new and used aircraft. We also use our business jets to assist you in linking your deadlines quickly and efficiently, training to be a private or professional pilot or any other special aviation assignments – one step after another leading to success.