Air Alliance Express
You Can Expect a Little Bit More from Us!

As an EASA-certified European air operator, we feature a very special service: the business jets from Air Alliance Express.
Our clients all over the world are already taking advantage of this convenient alternative to scheduled commercial flights. And if you want to fly with Air Alliance Express, the only thing you need is a telephone number. Just call our 24-hour hotline and we are ready to fly you wherever you want to go in as little as two hours.

​Whether we‘re talking about inside Europe orinternational travel, we will fly you directly in our business jets to whatever destination you want.

Almost like a passenger flight – only better 
Travelling in a business jet has long since ceased to be a luxury. It is an efficient means of travelling that your cost analysis identifies as a genuine alternative to time-consuming passenger flights due to the enormous amount of time saved. Non-stop flights at any time of the day or night without the nuisance of time-consuming check-in or making connections – that is how Air Alliance Express guarantees you ideal conditions for optimum time management and business success.

If you are looking for exclusive and personal customer service in your jet operator, then you‘re in good hands with Air Alliance Express. You tell us what individualised in-flight and on-board service you expect and our crew will serve your every need, be it taxi/limousine service or premium class catering.

Reliability and safety 
Highly qualified professional pilots and service technicians trained in conformity with airliner standards are at your service at Air Alliance Express. Our seasoned service personnel trained by aircraft manufacturers service our next-generation business jets day and night at all of our locations because Air Alliance Express is constantly investing in fleet modernisation to offer you optimum state-of-theart safety standards. Our crews regularly attend flight simulator training and are put to a rigorous program of ongoing education while flight safety authorities regularly check their abilities.