Flight training at the top level:
Our flight school meets the highest standards.

Having fun by flying on your own. At our two locations at Siegerland Airport and Egelsbach near Frankfurt, we provide you with a perfectly coordinated training program consisting of a modern computer based training (CBT) distancelearning course, regular preparation courses and personalized practical flight training!

Flight training at the top level 
Our flight school meets the highest standards. On this basis, we train not only private pilots, but also Airline Transport Pilots using the latest equipment, and we also take your personal time management needs into consideration when planning your training.

A perfect infrastructure 
Siegerland Airport, with its own ILS approach procedure capability, provides the ideal training conditions, especially for instrument flight training. The holiday region of Siegerland/Westerwald offers you and your family the right ambience for a successful training. Egelsbach Airport, on the other hand, offers consistently good weather conditions in the Rhine-Main region and easy connections to Frankfurt International Airport, the gateway to the world! Our many international students appreciate this advantage.

A perfect team 
For more than 15 years, we have trained pilots using a strong team of young, international flight instructors, and we stand for aviation networking, airmanship and best knowledge!

Dreams come true 
Let us inspire you – whether you want to take a private trip with friends, make flexible business appointments domestically and abroad, or receive comprehensive training for a professional career in the cockpit of a business jet or airliner. We can help you enter into the unique and fascinating world of flying.


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