Diamond DA50-V

​A benchmark in luxury, comfort and economy in General Aviation.
Diamond DA50-V
Enjoy the business-class like feeling of the spacious DA50 with the largest cabin of any single-engine piston airplane. Pilots and passengers go farther with exceptional fuel efficiency, and remarkable handling characteristics. Travel in luxurious comfort and style.

Spacious and luxurious cabin
The DA50 line offers the widest, most comfortable and luxurious cabin in its class. It spoils pilots and passengers alike, with an extra-large cabin, generous and adjustable seats with wedge integrated seat extensions, larger headrests, tablet mount, adjustable and easy plug sun visors for pilot and co-pilot, dual headset plugs for first and second row, removable control sticks (your co-pilot will probably love it), Garmin keypad GCU integration and optional belt extensions.
Comfortable access for all on board is very easy through the two forward gull wing doors and the large cargo door that provides access to the rear seats and cargo compartment. Baggage is stowed in the generous rear of the cabin, offering maximum loading capability for any kind of mission.
Luxury features everywhere: premium leather interiors (leather and stitching in different colors) with soft furnishings, chrome inlays, middle armrest, LED lighting, fresh air inlets, optional electric air conditioning and more.

Propulsion and Avionics
The DA50-V is equipped with the powerful, highly efficient 260hp turbocharged jet-fuel engine SR305-260E from SAFRAN/SMA. The engine can be fueled with different types jetfuel (Jet-A, Jet-A1, N°3, JP8) and is single power lever controlled.
The DA50 comes with standard installed Garmin G1000 NXi and integrated GFC700. The NXi features faster map rendering and smoother panning throughout the displays, modernized design for improved readability and new LED back-lighting for increased display brightness and clarity, reduced power consumption and improved dimming, COMM frequency identification displays the station ID and frequency type, display of sectional charts, IFR low/high enroute charts on the MFD, Vertical Situation Display (VS) incorporates terrain profile view on the MFD with consideration of the active flight plan, altitude constraints and winds aloft.
Best flight performance and safety
The sleek all carbon composite airframe incorporates advanced aerodynamics with the latest in passive safety technology for high performance, great efficiency and superior occupant protection.
Diamond Aircraft developed several features for the DA50 to ensure best flight performance. The aircraft offers special designed cowl flaps optimizing cruise performance and allowing extreme weather operations, hinged double slotted flaps for high lift and superior slow speed behavior as well as many drag reduction features. Brakes and wheels from Beringer ensure the highest performance with minimum landing distance.
As an optional feature de-icing will be available (more information at a later date).


Preliminary Technical Specifications

DA50-V (5 seat 260hp prototype version April 2017) Preliminary Facts & Figures

Dimensions / mass / loading




9.00 m

29 ft 6 in


2.86 m

9 ft 5 in

Wing span

13.41 m

44 ft




Empty weight

1,230 kg

2,712 lbs


1,800 kg

3,968 lbs


570 kg

1,256 lbs

Fuel capacity

189 lt

50 US gal

Consumption at 50%

25.8 lt/h

6.8 US gal/h

Max. Speed (14,000 ft, MCP)

320 km/h TAS

173 kts TAS

Max. Operating Altitude

6,096 m

20,000 ft

Specifications apply to standard equipped aircraft (260hp DA50-V 5-seat prototype version April 2017), if not otherwise stated. The above data are approximate specifications and may change without notice.