Commercial Flights

We now offer you according to European guidelines and EU AIR-OPS, travel flights across destinations of your choice with single-engined, four-seater aircrafts. They are exclusively with highly trained and also of our carefully selected and regularly checked professional pilots who are registered as Commerical Pilots in our AOC by the Authority (LBA).

All aircrafts under the AOC used for commercial purpose are bound by a maintenance contract to a LBA-approved aircraft maintenance facility and maintained to the highest standard commercially!

Security and your safety is our key goal!

Basically, we are guided in the choice of destination according to you, unless weather or aerodrome limitations are reasons to the contrary!

For each destination you choose, we will calculate a fixed price at which we transport you to the destination and back. Evaluated sum is the same for a particular flight immaterial of the number of passengers.

Prices are per plane, ie for 1-3 persons of your choice, provided that no weight limits are exceeded, including pilot costs and landing fees, as well as the return flight, if it takes place on the same day!

All, above flights can be executed only in good weather conditions, ie under visual flight conditions! In bad weather, the flight will not take place, at your request, the flight will be delayed or canceled accordingly, and any down payment before the flight would then be credited back to you.

For flights that have to take place under all weather conditions or over long distances, we recommend a reservation through our sister company, AAE AG & Co KG!

Of course we do offer Commercial Flights from both our bases.

Our Commercial Offer:
Commercial Flights Frankfurt Egelsbach

Commercial Flights Siegerland Westerwald

Commercial Flights Köln-Bonn