Flying Bachelor
Study ‘n’ Fly

Since August 2010 Air Alliance Flight Center GmbH offers a dual apprenticeship to obtain an Airline Transport Pilot License in connection with a Bachelor course of studies in Aviation Management in cooperation with the International University of Applied Sciences.

The “Flying Bachelor” in brief

– Bachelor course of studies in Aviation Management and parallel pilot training
– Certificate: Bachelor in Aviation Management and ATPL-License
– unique training profil for a entrance in the air traffic branch
– “Norm-duration-of-study” of Bachelor-study: 6 terms
– Duration of the parallel ATPL-Training: 6 terms + x

Pilot training (PPL/ATPL)

The training to become a Privatepilot (PPL) and the following ATPL- training is conducted by our Air Alliance Flight Center. Our high-quality training from the PPL to the ATPL is integrated in the Aviation Management programme. The practical pilot training takes place on our high-technique airplanes (DA40NG, DA 42, etc.) who are equipped with a “Glascockpit GARMIN 1000”, on our FNPT-flight-simulator and under the guidance of our experienced and competent flight instructors. The PPL- theory occurs four weeks before the winter term starts. The ATPL-theory takes place through the Cat-Distance-Course. Asstinance to this is granted through regular meetings with the theory instructor in the location of the Internatiol University of Applied Sciences. Before the practical examination by the Luftfahrtbundesamt a 85 hours “present-phase” will be established.

Why the Flying Bachelor?

The dual education system offers certainty und great career opportunities. Graduates of this combination are high-qualified and for campanies very interesting from the ecomic view. As “Flying bachelor” future pilots acquire a precise functional and administrative knowledge and they are qualified for a fantastic career in the air traffic branch with their unique profile.

Requirements for the ATPL-training

For the Pilot training for the Airline Transport Pilot License by the Air Alliance you have to verify the following: – Medical certificate class 1 (for commercial pilots) – sufficient knowledge in English, Maths and Physics or “Allgemeine Hochschulreife” – Potential and motivation to enable the Bachelor-study ( 6 terms, 1 internship term, 20-25 SWS) and the ATPL-training (Cat-Distance-Course + 85 theory lessons and 200 h practical flight training)

For more detailed information about the International University of Applied Science and about the Bachelor course of studies in Aviation Management
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